What Is Cultivating Change?

Cultivating Change is a local farm grant program offered by Greener Fields Together. It aims to fund projects and pursuits that will help local farmers do what they’re best at: farming. Qualified growers and aggregators are able to win up to $30,000 annually through an online voting platform and peer review panel.

Voting is OPEN!

Voting will run until the end of January.
Individuals are able to vote for multiple farms each day!

Winners Will Be Announced
February 4th, 2019

Grant Categories

  • Certifications
    • Organic
    • Non-GMO
    • Biodynamic
    • Fair Trade
    • Food Safety Audit
  • Infrastructure
    • Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs)
    • Logistics: delivery van, reefer truck
    • Equipment: facilities, etc
  • Marketing
    • Upgrade labels / cartons
    • Website
    • Social Media
    • Marketing materials / support
  • Capacity Building
    • Food Safety / GAP improvements
    • Education for farmers or supervisors

Our 2017/18 Winners


Refrigerated Delivery Truck

Reeves Family Farm | Princeton, TX
"One of the reasons we moved out here to live on the farm is to work alongside our kids so they can see the work that we do and work with us, and hopefully one day they might decide to keep this thing going and take it on themselves."

Food Traceability Tools and Processes

Merchant's Garden AgroTech | Tucson, AZ
"Our vision with this grant is to help our company be the best company in the world, but we want to create a process and a system that can be leveraged by farmers across the world."

Construction of Raised Beds

Choctaw Fresh Produce | Neshoba, MS
"We’ve been able to grow whatever we want to grow right now and in the past we haven’t been able to. Now with the raised beds everything we’ve grown is coming out."

Germination Optimization

Arizona Microgreens | Phoenix, AZ
"It’s a game changer for us to have that relationship with a produce distributor that not only wants you to just survive but actually thrive and grow."