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For hundreds of years, America’s family farmers have brought fresh produce to our tables; nourishing generations through every season and every stage of life. Despite the struggle of unpredictable conditions, changing marketplaces, shifting landscapes, and the countless other challenges of farming, they’ve persevered and given us more than nutritious fruits and vegetables. They’ve given their time, energy, and heart.

Now, we’re giving back.

Cultivating Change is a grant program that gives local farms funds to upgrade operations, invest in food safety, implement sustainable technology, and continue doing what they do best: grow.

Cultivating Change is part of Greener Fields Together’s mission to create a sustainable supply chain from seed-to-fork. The program is funded by Greener Fields Together’s network of fresh produce distributors throughout North America who want to invest in the farms that have been the backbone of their communities for generations.

Every time a distributor within our network purchases a package from a Greener Fields Together (GFT) local farm partner, they donate 5 cents to the Cultivating Change fund. This year, our distributors are on track to purchase over 1,400,000 packages from GFT local farms, resulting in $70,000 in total grant awards.

Thank you to all of the distributors who have contributed to Cultivating Change: