Grant Timeline

Grant Categories

  • Wholesale Readiness
    • Delivery Transportation
    • Marketing
    • Infrastructure Expansions
    • Planting & Harvesting Equipment
    • Packaging
  • Environmental Sustainability
    • Organic Certification
    • Waste Reduction
    • Water Re-Use System
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Soil Quality Improvements
  • Food Safety
    • Traceability Initiatives
    • Food Safety Education
    • Water Testing/Sanitation
    • GAP Improvements
    • Record Keeping Software


Cultivating Change is open to farmers who are active within the PRO*ACT network. “Active” farms in PRO*ACT’s network must:

  1. Be approved by PRO*ACT as a Greener Fields Together (GFT) local farmer or aggregator, or
  2. Receive a written nomination from a PRO*ACT Local Purveyor that does or plans to do business with the applicant in the future

PRO*ACT Local Purveyors may only nominate applicants who are involved in PRO*ACT’s network and meet additional criteria by December 15th, 2019. Click below for more information.

Grant Funds

Total Grant Funds: $70,000

Grant funds will be awarded in three independent categories:

  • Whole Sale Readiness Top Prize: $10,000
  • Sustainability Top Prize: $10,000
  • Food Safety Top Prize: $10,000

Winners in each of the 3 grant categories will be selected by independent panels of industry professionals with expertise in the specific focus area.

This committee will make the final determination using a review scorecard that examines the Project Purpose, Sustainability, Expected Measurable Outcomes, Budget and Project Plan.

The panelist score that an application receives does NOT determine the grant amount awarded. Grant amounts will be determined based on the budget outlined in the application. Some applicants may receive partial funding depending on available funds.

Funds available in each category will be proportional to the number of applicants in each category, so if there are more applicants in a certain category, there are also more chances to win.

Application Requirements

  1. An applicant must be a local produce farmer or aggregator actively operating in the United States or Canada in the current year 2019. See Eligibility for more information.
  2. Winners must use the grant money for the purpose specified in their application.
  3. Winners must share project results with PRO*ACT & Greener Fields Together.
  4. Winners agree to co-market using social and existing marketing channels.
  5. PRO*ACT and Greener Fields Together have the right to use the winners’ name, image, etc. for promotional purposes.
  6. No specific grant amount is guaranteed.
  7. A form 1099-MISC will be issued to the IRS for each winner as the grant is taxable income.
  8. PRO*ACT and Greener Fields Together reserve the right to decline any grant application.
  • Rules
  • Selection Criteria
  • Application Process and Notification
  • Reporting and Compliance